How the Digital Direct Database Service Works

Digital Direct is MagTitan's service that combines our 1 billion+ email database with the affinity data of Facebook & Twitter to help our publishers build highly targeted opt-in subscribers for their publications.
Here's a visual overview of how it works:
STEP #1: Identify Targeted Facebook & Twitter Pages, Groups & Keywords
To build a highly targeted subscriber prospect list, you begin by identifying the social media groups, accounts, pages and keywords that would indicate the individual would be interested in the subject matter of your publication.
Then, the Digital Direct software works with Facebook and Twitter's API to allow us to gather the Social Media ID's of those specific users. 
STEP #2: Match Social Media ID's Against Digital Direct's 1 Billion+ Opt-In Email Records
Next, we take the Social Media ID's from the targeted reader prospects from Step #1 and cross reference them against our large database. In roughly 30% of the cases we will be able to match the Social Media ID to that individual's email address, where we have opt-in permission to communicate with them.
STEP #3: Digital Direct Emails the Targeted Prospects an Offer for a Free Subscription to Your Publication
We then send a series of emails on your behalf to this targeted prospect list, offering them the opportunity to subscribe to your publication for free. You receive the contact information (and are only charged) for those that have accepted the offer to opt-in to your publication.
Q. How targeted are the emails that are part of your database?
A. The email addresses are as targeted as the search criteria you choose to use. The more specific the search criteria entered for Facebook/Twitter pages/groups/keywords/accounts, the more targeted the pool of prospects you'll target.
Q. How can I be sure that only properly targeted readers will become subscribers?
A. In addition to only soliciting prospects that meet your specific criteria (based on the Facebook/Twitter pages/groups/keywords/accounts that you select) only those truly interested in your publication will every choose to opt-in to subscribe.
Q. How much does the Digital Direct service cost?
A. You set the amount, based on how many opt-in subscribers you'd like to obtain. There are volume discounts based on the total number of subscribers you order. Here are the rates: 
Q. What happens if we order more subscribers than you are able to generate?
A. Before we begin an assignment we do a general check to make sure that the pool of potential subscribers is in line with the number of subscribers you'd like to obtain. Keep in mind that you are only paying on success, so you only pay for opt-in subscribers we're able to obtain for you. 
Q. Can we email people in your database to subscribe to our publication, instead of Digital Direct?
A. No. The reason is that at the outset they have opted-in to allow us to communicate with them, not you. If you did, you'd be afoul of the Can-Spam requirements. Once they opt-in to your publication you can email them directly.