Popular ways to "mine" the Data Mine

With hundreds of millions of contacts in the Data Mine (and millions more being added every week) it's important to know the different ways you can "mine" the Data Mine to find the right prospects for your business. Here are some of the most popular ways:

  • By Feed. Each week we have over 50 categories of new contact data flowing into The Data Mine, that we call "feeds," which range from B2B to CBD to Fitness. Here's a complete list of feeds so you can zero in on your best prospects.
  • Job Title. Looking for CEO's or marketers or some other specific job title category of prospects? Then searching by title is the way to go.
  • Geography. If you need prospects from a specific city, state or zip code, the Data Mine allows you to search based on your prospects geography.
  • Industry. Want prospects from a certain industry (like real estate or aviation), then searching by Industry code (NAICS or SIC) will help you build this type of specific list. Here's a help entry that goes into more detail how to do this 
  • Gender. Need just men or just women, then a gender search will get you those prospects.
  • Date Added. Want the newer leads? Then select the date range of when the prospects would have been created and added to The Data Mine.

Combination Searches

One of the most powerful features of The Data Mine is being able to use multiple criteria when searching. This will give you the ability to do the following:

  • Find homeowners in Tulsa (Feed search on "Homeowners" + City search on "Tulsa")
  • Female business owners (Feed search on "B2B" + Title search on "owner" + Gender search on "female"
  • CBD leads in the last 2 weeks (Feed search on "CBD Oil" + Date Added Search)