(Affiliates) How do I find the email addresses from subscribers?

To find the email addresses of subscribers you've generated, just follow these steps:
1) Login to your affiliate account at: http://refer.ofelevenmedia.com
2) On the left side, click "Reports"
3) Click "Commissions"
4) On the right side of the report, click "Edit View"
5) Change the name of the view from "Default View" to something else (the system doesn't allow modification of the default view). For this example, we've change it to "Email View."
6) Scroll down until you find the field named "Extra Data 1". Extra Data 1 is the email field, "check the box" and then scroll to the bottom and click the "Save As New View" button.
7) Go back to the "Commission Report"...Change the view to your new report name...look in the "Extra Data 1" field and you'll see the email addresses you've generated to date.