MagTitan White Label Program

To give publishers greater control of the user experience, and special sponsorship opportunities, MagTitan offers an optional White Label program that allows users to replace MagTitan branding with their own in a number of locations.
The controls to create customize your users experience can be accessed from the White Label button inside your Magazine Center:
Inside the White Label area you will see a page that looks like this:
Here's what each element controls:
The Loading Logo: This is what shows when the magazine or a page is loading for the reader.
Favicon: This is the small icon inside the tab of a web browser

Top Menu Button: This is the most prominent menu button on the desktop version of the viewer. This can be changed from the MagTitan icon to anything you'd like, including a sponsor. When a reader clicks on this button, a new browser tab will open for the reader to have the option of visiting.


Button Icons #1 & #2: White label subscribers also receive two other menu buttons that can be customized inside of the "+MORE" section. These can also be sold as sponsorship's.
Ad Center: Your Ad Center is where your advertisers manage their ad campaigns with you. This area has been redesigned so that your branding is the only branding that is visible at the top portion of the Ad Center (with the blurred MagTitan logo you see below being removed.)
Powered By Logo Removed: On your MagTitan created web pages, the "Powered by MagTitan" logo is removed.
White Label Pricing Options
Full program options and current pricing can be seen inside your MagTitan account. In summary, there are two options:
   1) White Label Basic. $49 per month or $399 annually (Save 32%)
   2) White Label Plus. $299 per month or $2,999 annually (Save 33%)
The White Label Basic programs includes all of the customizations above.
White Label Plus program includes the following additional elements:
  • Use your own URL
  • Dedicated Cloud Server