MagTitan Advertising Sales Representation Services

For publishers that would like to sell ads in their magazine, but don't want to have to go to the effort of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, paying monthly commission draws and managing sales representatives, MagTitan has an advertising sales representation service that will do all of this for you.

Here's a general overview of how the program works:

  • The MagTitan direct sales force of digital media sales professionals will pursue ad prospects for your publication
  • We only call on prospects you directly authorize and provide contact information for
  • We split the resulting sales 50/50
  • We provide a weekly account-by-account status report to you
  • You can stop at any time

There are 3 prerequisites you must have for MagTitan to take on sales representation of your publication, they are: 

  • An issue on the MagTitan platform we can use to demo to prospects. This can be a 10 page sample issue we create for you.  
  • An ad sales video to tell the story of your publication to prospects. MagTitan can create this for you.
  • A paid license (Pro or Publisher). The service is not available for free Starter license holders.

Fees & Compensation.
There is a 1x set-up charge of $1,000 to cover the costs of set up the sales campaigns and reporting infrastructure. Order Form.
All ad sales generated by MagTitan sales representative are split 50/50. 
Note: Ad sales commissions are separate from the advertising revenue share that is part of each license. 
Scenario #1 - Publisher License
$10,000 sale made by MagTitan sales representative 
$5,000/$5,000 -- 50/50 split for ad sales commission
$1,000 -- to MagTitan for 10% revenue share on $10,000 ads sale 
Net Result: $6,000 MagTitan/$4,000 Publisher
Scenario #2 - Pro License
$10,000 sale made by MagTitan sales representative 
$5,000/$5,000 -- 50/50 split for ad sales commission
$1,500 -- to MagTitan for 15% revenue share on $10,000 ads sale 
Net Result: $6,500 MagTitan/$3,500 Publisher
What Else is Required?
Once you order the service you will be taken through an on-boarding process to help get the MagTitan sales team prepared to sell on your behalf. You will be asked for items including:
  • An overview of the magazine's editorial
  • An overview of your expected readers
  • Contact information of the companies you'd like MagTitan to work on for you
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