MagTitan Builder

Where do I get the link to my document?

Follow these steps to get the link to your document: From your MagTitan dashboard, click on MY PROJECTS tab Click "Access Document Library" button To go directly to your document click "Visit" (document must be live); or click "Assembly" Click on "Share URLS" button Click the "Copy" button to copy the Document URL Use this URL to direct people to your document via email, social media, web pages etc.

Inserting Video or Audio

Inserting video and audio is easy in MagTitan. From inside the builder canvas click on "Add New Elements: Then click on the element you'd like to add (video or audio): Insert your video file by selecting the file from your computer, or entering the ID from a video on Youtube or Vimeo: For audio, just select the file from your computer and upload:

Setting up MagTitan pages to accept credit card orders

MagTitan ad and editorial pages can open a frame that displays a web pages which allows credit card orders to take place. For this window to open within MagTitan there are (2) two pre-requisites: * The website you are linking to must be secure (https not http); and * The site must allow iframes If either of these are not true you can still set up the website link, but the page will open in a separate tab, not inside of MagTitan. Also, the page being linked to must have credit card or...

Linking to webpage

In MagTitan you can link to any webpage by using the LINK function associated with any element. Here's an example: There are two ways this webpage will display for readers: 1) Inside of MagTitan page; or 2) As a separate browser tab. It will open inside of a MagTitan page if the website uses the secure web protocol "https" and allows 3rd parties to display their content inside an iFrame. If they do not, or it is using a non-secure protocol (http), the page will display in a separate browser ...

Linking to an email address

You can use the text or hotspot function to link to an email address. However, whether it works for a particular reader is dependent on that readers browser and email client as some don't support email links. To set up an email link do the following: * Select the "Link" option from an element * Go to "Other" tab * Click the dropdown menu and select "Email"

Using the MagTitan Design Wizard

The quickest way to design content in MagTitan is through the use of the MagTitan Design Wizard, which automates the design process using professionally created "smart" templates. Accessing the Design Wizard: 1)Login ( your MagTitan account 2) Click on "Magazines" tab. 3) Click on "Issue Library" 4) Click "Assembly" 5) Click "New Article (Wizard)" Using the Design Wizard:

Using a PDF to Design Pages in MagTitan

Yes, you can upload a PDF to design pages in MagTitan (you do it like adding any other image to the canvas), however if you can avoid using PDF's in MagTitan you will be far better off. While PDF's can be added very quickly, because all PDF's are is a single "picture" it takes away much of of the value the MagTitan software can deliver, making your end product, from a reading perspective, not much different than any print other replica software. This is because on smaller devices the PDF will ge...

Grid lines & Rulers

There are times when designing pages that you want greater precision in aligning elements such as text, graphics or videos. To help with this MagTitan has adjustable grid lines and rulers you can access and use. Here's a short video that explains:

Full Page Video

To have a video fill the full magazine page it is best to use the Background Element. Here are the steps to follow: * From the builder, click "Add New Elements" button * Click Backgrounds * From the element control box, click "Background Options" * Click "Background Video" and follow the instructions

Linking to another editorial page

In MagTitan you can link from any editorial page in your magazine to another, using what MagTitan calls "Navigational" links. You access them from the link menu for the element you want to link from, specifying the article and page you want to link to.

Live broadcasting

MagTitan allows you to broadcast live on any page of your publication. To set it up you need to use YouTube Live (formerly Google Hangout On Air). Here are the steps to follow: * Go toLive Streaming Events ( YouTube Creator Studio. * ClickNew live event. * SelectQuick (using Google Hangouts On Air). * Give your live stream a title. * ClickGo live nowor enter in details to schedule your event for later. * Use Hangouts to broadcast live. Insid...

Creating hyperlinks

Creating hyperlinks in your publications is quick and easy. There are two primary ways: 1) Text links; 2) Object Links. Here's how you do each... 1) Creating Text Links * Highlight the text you want to link to * Click on the link icon * Enter the URL you want to link to 2) Linking to Objects * Select the object you want to link to by clicking on it * Click on the link button in the control box to the right of the canvas * Enter the URL in the REGULAR link area

Moving a static ad or page to a different location

Ads not going through MagTitan's pay-per-performance software can be run as "editorial" pages in two general locations: * Between stories * Within a story To run an ad between stories you set up the ad as its own "article" within MagTitan. This will make it viewable as readers turn left/right between stories. If you wish to move an from it's own article to within the pages of a specific story, here's a video tutorial that shows you how:

How does running text know what text to put in for my article?

Below is a diagram of how the running text system is set up. Running text exists at the article level and is only visible to pages being created within that article. Once you've put your story in the master set-up, two local versions are set up for: 1) Desktop/Tablet and 2) Mobile. You can make edits in the local styler without it effecting the other edition. The best practice is to set up the Master only once your confident there will be no text edits. Also, running text should notinclude head...

Tour of MagTitan

This video provides an overview of the MagTitan user area:

2 Core Sizes Explained (Desktop/Tablet & Mobile)

To create a reader experience where each page is not only readable, but optimized for the readers device, MagTitan uses the approach of creating 2 core sizes that can be dynamically modified by the software so readers get an amazing experience. This video tutorial explains in detail:

Adding a page to an article

Adding new pages to an article is very easy. This video illustrates:

Adding an element to the design canvas

Elements, like text, video and images, are the building blocks to every designed page. This video explains how to add them to the design canvas:

Adding animations

Any MagTitan element can be animated to create a more interesting reader experience. This video explains how to ad animations to your pages:

Setting up your ad pattern

While ads using the MagTitan pay-per-performance technology are inserted and removed dynamically, the software allows publishers the ability to set up the pattern of when ads will appear. This video explains:

Designing pages using templates

To make designing pages faster, the MagTitan built-in template feature is one of the most powerful tools. In addition to a pre-designed template library, every page you've previously created is available to use as a template, making it easy to create a new page using the original format. This video explains how it works:

Creating interactive pages with Infinite Pages feature

Any page built within MagTitan can have hidden pages appear when clicked on by a reader. This feature is called "Infinite Pages" and the video below explains how to use it:

Running Text Pages Appear Different in Viewer Than Builder

Date: 6/26/16 - This issue only effects pages designed with running text prior to this date.--- Today we have identified and fixed a bug that causes pages designed with our experimental "Running Text" feature to display differently in the reader viewer than how they appear during design in the Builder. What was happening was some text font size/line heights combinations were displaying in the viewer with slightly larger line height, causing text to be cut off like in this example: We have f...

Convert running text into regular text

After you convert running text into regular text, you will be able to style your text the same way as you do with regular text (within canvas). Converting running text will disable it for all desktop/mobile pages, depending which one you processed. Running text will no longer be available for that page and you won't be able to re-flow the text. Make sure your text is fully distributed. Here is video tutorial how to:

Do I need crop marks when creating pages in MagTitan

Crop marks are not needed and should not be used as they would appear in your digital edition.

How do I add a hyperlink to an element?

Putting a hyperlink into a page can be done in three ways, irregardless of what you are linking to. They are: 1) Linking to a graphic 2) Linking to text 3) Linking via a hot spot (which is an overlay to something on the canvas) Linking to a Graphic Select the graphic you want to link to by clicking on it, then go to the "Link" element on the controls to the right. Once inside enter the URL in the box under the "Regular" tab. Linking to Text Select the text you want to link to by highl...

How can I add a font that isn't in the builder?

Fonts need to be added by our team to the builder for you. If you can't find an acceptable font follow these steps: 1. Identify a web safe font that you would like to add. Sites to find web safe fonts include: * * Google Fonts - * CSS Font Stack - 2. Submit a support ticket from the Help Center ( Typically fonts will be added within 24 hours.

Why does my article have a "Not Ready" message?

Articles with the "Not Ready" message tag cannot be published. This can occur for a handful or reasons, which are: * Missing Desktop or Mobile pages. You are not permitted to have zero pages in either edition. * Missing page screen shot. Make sure you click the "Process Screenshots" button above where it says "Desktop and Mobile Pages" at the top of the page. * 1st Page is Empty. First page of an article can't be blank.

Re-arrange the page order of an article

Re-arranging the page order is a very easy drag and drop process. From the Article Assembly area just click & hold the 3-line icon on the left side of the page tile. Then drag it up or down to the location you want it to appear in. Once you move a page there will be a green "Update" button that will appear. Make sure you click it to update your new page order.

Creating Pages in MagTitan - A Quick Demo

Running Text Demonstration

Upload Multiple Images At Once

What is the difference between adding individual pages to a story vs infinite pages?

Individual pages are the pages that will appear when a reader flips up/down. Infinite pages are interactive pages that are hidden and only appear when a reader clicks on a specific element. Below is a video showing Infinite Pages in an ad. As a general rule, use Infinite Pages in editorial when you have content within a story that would not be of interest to all readers, or when some readers may want to go "deep" but others wouldn't. In these scenarios you can avoid forcing your readers to flip ...

What image file formats are supported by MagTitan?

Currently MagTitan supports images in JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, ESP and BMP. For image resolution 72 or 90 DPI is preferred. The 300 DPI format used in print publications can result in pages that load more slowly than optimal. For quickest user experience, it is a best practice to use images that are not larger than 690 x 892 or over 400 kb.

Creating a Transparent Effect

How do I resize a picture to get the specific dimensions needed?

There are a number of online tools that are easy (and free) that will take an image and resize it to new dimension. One of these that seems to work well is:

What image DPI is preferred?

For image resolution 72 or 90 DPI is preferred. The 300 DPI format used in print publications can result in pages that load more slowly than optimal. For quickest user experience, it is a best practice to use images that are not larger than 690 x 892 or over 400 kb.