Scheduling your emails to be sent

To help streamline the scheduling and sending of your Digital Direct emails we use a process that includes the collaboration software (you will receive an invitation to access your account.) Your account will have your personal "board", which is where we'll communicate about your emails. 

Once you've accepted your invitation, you'll be redirected to where you will see your email "board." it will look something like this:

Each email to be sent has its own row that includes the following information for you to fill out:

  • Mail Date. The day you want your email to be sent
  • Subject. Enter the Subject you want your email to have.
  • Preview Text (Optional). If you want specific preview text to appear for the people receiving your email, enter that in this field.
  • Friendly From. The display name you'd like your recipients to see. 
  • HTML File Attached. This is a checkbox to notify us that you've attached the email file. Click the cartoon bubble > Then click the "Add Files" text to attach your HTML file.

Here's what you need to do when a new email is ready to be sent:

  • Click on the cartoon bubble next to the email to be sent

  • Write an @ message to our team that notifies us that your email is ready. You do this by typing "@" in the body of the message and selecting "Everyone on this board". When you then click "Update" we'll be notified that your email is ready to go

Note: We recommend all emails be submitted 2 business days in advance to insure mailing on your scheduled date.