Scheduling your emails to be sent

To help streamline the scheduling and sending of your Digital Direct emails we use a process that includes the collaboration software (you will receive an invitation to access your account during the onboarding process.) Your account will have your personal "boards", which is where we'll communicate about your emails. 

Once you've accepted your invitation, you'll be redirected to where you will see your email "board." it will look something like this:


Each email to be sent has its own row that includes the following information:

  • Mail Date. The day your email will be sent
  • Creative Due.  The date your email creative is due to be submitted to Digital Direct via your Mailchimp account.
  • Creative Status. Shows the status of the specific email creative.
  • On Calendar? (Staff Use Only). This is for our staff to use, we check this once we've moved this email onto our master send calendar after the creative has been submitted.
  • Subject. Enter the Subject you want your email to have.
  • Preview Text (Optional). If you want specific preview text to appear for the people receiving your email, enter that in this field.
  • Notes. A convenient place for anyone to add notes related to this email. 

Here's what you need to do:

  • Regularly review the email entries on your board. Make sure the mail dates are correct in the "Upcoming Emails" section. If there is an error, please change the date and make a note about it.
  • Make sure you have your email creative in Mailchimp by the "Creative Due" date (1 week prior to send date.)
  • Keep adding new emails to your "Upcoming Emails." Make sure you include the Mail Date and set the Creative Due date to be one week prior.

Once you've completed a new email design in Mailchimp...

  • Make sure the email name, inside of Mailchimp, includes the Mail Date so we can match it up properly.
  • Write out the Subject in the "Subject" field on your Email Board in
  • Click the Creative Status button and change the status to "Ready to Send". This will serve as our notification to load your email into Digital Direct.
  • Click the "+" in the upper right corner of the "Ready to Send" Creative Status button and enter an update note which will automatically send us a notification that lets us know this email is ready for us to move into Digital Direct. Be sure to click the blue "Update" button.

  • Enter the "Preview Text" in the appropriate field (optional)
  • Enter any Notes

Whenever you make an update on your board it will be saved. Once you've created your email, marked it as "Ready to Send" and sent us the note through the system, we will handle everything else to get your email out. 

Important: Please strive to get emails completed one week in advance of sending. If you need more time, just enter a note in the Notes field telling us when we can expect the creative.