Would MagTitan be good for books?

At the core, MagTitan is a better mousetrap for reading content digitally. It doesn't matter of that content is a magazine, book, journal, newsletter etc. Content is content. That said, there are two interesting twists that the software can bring to a book: 

1) Multimedia. Instead of just walls of text, a book using MagTitan could augment the experience using video, audio, animations and interactivity (click something and a hidden page or bonus content appears.)

2) A better business model. eBooks are so low priced it's hard to make much money without a trememdous numbers of readers. With our Ad Einstein software you can dynamically insert periodic ads that would yield $1 every time they were clicked or read for 10+ seconds. If you could make money from ads every 20 pages or so, you could give away the book (garnering far greater readership) and then generate even greater revenues from the advertising.