Linking to webpage

In MagTitan you can link to any webpage by using the LINK function associated with any element. Here's an example:

There are two ways this webpage will display for readers: 1) Inside of MagTitan page; or 2) As a separate browser tab.

It will open inside of a MagTitan page if the website uses the secure web protocol "https" and allows 3rd parties to display their content inside an iFrame. If they do not, or it is using a non-secure protocol (http), the page will display in a separate browser tab.

To determine how MagTitan will display a specific test we run a test when you set up a web page link. It looks like this:

In this example the page (Facebook) does not display properly, so the user should click the red "I see errors" button. This will tell the software to display this page to readers as a separate tab. If it had displayed properly, the user would click the "All looks good" button and then the webpage would be displayed inside of MagTitan.