Building industry specific lists with NAICS or SIC codes

NAICS & SIC are industry classification codes that allow you to find contacts who are part of a specific industry.

The Data Mine allows for searching of contacts based on their NAICS or SIC codes. While not all contacts have these codes associated with their records, it's still a good way to build a list for a specific industry. Here's how to do it:

  • In the SEARCH BUILDER...Select either "SIC Code" or "NAICS" from the SEARCH FIELD dropdown menu

  • Enter EQUALS for the Operator
  • Enter the SIC or NAICS industry code. If you don't know it, just search google (Ex. Aviation NAICS code....and you'll get back 488190)
  • Click SAVE
  • Click RUN see a sample of the data 
  • Click green DOWNLOAD CONTACTS button if you'd like to download

For best results, run both NAICS and SIC queries on an industry as the Data Mine may not have both SIC and NAICS code on a contact.