Understanding the Data Mine Settings

1) Search Name. Each search can be saved so you can perform it again without additional set-up. Give your search a name that is descriptive so it will be easy to identify in the future when you have many saved searches.

2) Total. This is the total number of contacts you would like for this search.

3) Offset.  This is the record number the search will begin with to avoid returning the same records as a previous search. Example. If you searched for 1,000 "CEO's" and now you'd like another batch. Set the "Offset" at 1,000 so it will begin where the previous search left off

4) Output Column. These are the database fields that will be output. You can add new fields by clicking in the white area where the #4 is above. You can remove fields by clicking the "x" next to the field.

5) Search Field. Here you enter the criteria you want to search on. Options include items like: Feed, Title, City, State and Date Added

6) Operator. This is items like: "Equals, Greater Than, Like" that help you get more accurate results.

7) Value. This adds the specificity from the Search Field. Example. If you're searching on "Title", "Value" would be the type of Title you're searching for (i.e. CEO, Marketing) 

8) Optional. This is when you want to have fields included as an option. Example. Have one criteria that is "CEO". Then have a second criteria that is "Owner". If you make the second one optional you'll get all the contacts with both "CEO" and "Owner" titles. 

9) Download. If you want to get the full contact information from this Live Sample list you must download. Downloading uses credits purchased with your subscription plan. This will format your file and put it into the Download section at the bottom of the page.

10) Run Sample. Click this button to see a sample of the data resulting from your search.

11) Reset. To clear the Live Sample results you can click the Reset button or just run another sample.

12) Download. This Download button, in the Download section, is where you click to save the file to your computer.