(Ad Builder) Create an ad using a PDF

***Video Demonstration of Creating an Ad Using a PDF:  http://youtu.be/gRrEJcw0p-U

Probably the quickest and easiest way to create an ad in Ad Einstein is to upload a PDF of an existing ad. 

IMPORTANT: You need to have your PDF's created in the propers sizes for the two ad sizes you will need to create: Desktop/Tablet & Mobile. Ad specifications can be found here: http://help.ofelevenmedia.com/286545-Advertising-Specifications.

Step #1: From the Ad Manager Click 'Create New Ad' Button

Step #2: Enter Your Ad Name and Click 'Save'

Step # 3: Click 'Go To Ad Builder'

Step #4: Click 'PDF Ad Uploader'

Step #5: Upload the Desktop/Tablet Size PDF

Step #6: After You've Completed Desktop/Tablet Size, Click 'Open Mobile Canvas'

Step #7: Click 'Upload Mobile Ad PDF'

Step #8: Upload the Mobile Size PDF

Step #9: Once You're Satisfied with Both Ad Versions, Click 'Submit'