Email Technical Specifications & Details

Below are the technical details re: emails sent through the Digital Direct service:

IP Addresses
Digital Direct's IP's are dedicated to Digital Direct and we offer a shared network. Dedicated IP's are available for at a supplemental price for accounts 100,000 or larger.

DKIM, DMARC and SPF Records
Email is being sent via Digital Direct's email service provider (ESP), that assigns us dedicated IP space. The mailing domain, from, is maintained by the ESP. Dedicated domain configuration is available on client accounts 250,000 or larger for a supplemental price.

Infrastructure -  Is the Digital Direct infrastructure fully redundant with co-location facilities and is there redundancy for both ISP and email server hardware?
We are hosted on an ESP. All hardware, domains and IP's are maintained by them. We transmit mail on our dedicated IP's through them. They are hosted on Amazon EC2 and are fully redundant.

We provide the same SLAs our ESP provides us for both infrastructure and support.