MagTitan Design Wizard Basics

The MagTitan Design Wizard allows anyone, regardless of design skill to create professional digital designs in minutes.
To access the Design Wizard you must first login to your MagTitan publisher account at:
Once inside your account the Wizard can be located in the Issue Assembler.
Magazines Center --> Issue Library --> Assembly --> + NEW ARTICLE (WIZARD) Button on left side
Designing Content w/the Wizard has 2 Steps:
  1. 1x Story Set-up. Here you load in all the basic components to your story (headlines/callouts, body copy, graphics)
  2. Design Canvas. In this step you will select your page template and then, via point & click, load your story components onto the canvas.
Then you will repeat the design canvas step for each page in your story. And, remember, like all MagTitan stories you'll need to design your story in both Desktop & Mobile sizes. The Wizard has templates for both sizes to make this easy and quick.
* When you get to the Design Canvas for the first time, there is a tutorial that will appear to show you where everything is.
Editing in the Wizard:
The Wizard has basic editing capabilities built in that allows for things like:
  • Font styling
  • Copy editing
  • Moving & resizing elements 
  • Deleting elements
Other edits can be accomplished to the page, however they need to be made inside the main MagTitan Builder. During the design process you should regularly click the "Save Article" button so you don't lose your edits. Once you've gotten the design to the best point you can in Wizard you will SAVE it one last time and then MOVE IT TO BUILDER. Then you'll be able to do every kind of advanced edit inside the Builder.
Here's a video demonstration of the Wizard design process:
Completing Your Design:
The final two steps of the Wizard design process are:
  • Save Article (Very Important...and a best practice is to save regularly during the design process.)
  • Move to Builder
This converts the Wizard file format into a publishable (and editable) MagTitan file format. Once this conversion occurs, all future edits to the page will need to be done in the regular MagTitan Builder.
The Wizard process is built around MagTitan Smart Templates that can be animated and edited by pointing and clicking. The Design Wizard comes built in with dozens of templates for a wide variety of design options. If you can't find a template that suits your exact needs, you two options:
  1. Modify Existing Template. The Wizard allows you to edit an existing template and save it as its own template (that will be accessible in the MY TEMPLATES section of the Wizard.) 

  2. Purchase a Custom Template Design. MagTitan offers a custom template design service where our designers will create a template precisely as you want and then you can use it over and over, as much as you'd like in the future. This service can be found in the "Store" section of your MagTitan account.