Is there an option to display the magazine as a "spread" rather than just up and down single sheets?

MagTitan only displays a single page at a time, there is no 2 page spread option.  This is because 2 page spreads only exist in print. Replicating that in digital doesn't work for a few reasons:
1) Putting two pages on a computer or tablet requires shrinking down the pages to fit. The second you do that, you require the reader to zoom in order to read, destroying what would otherwise be an easy reading experience.
2) On the all important mobile devices, here's how a two page spreads would look like: 
Now look at this picture using an animation with MagTitan (click this link):
What you're really looking for with a 2 page spread is how to give content more "real estate" so they can make an impact on the reader. Using MagTitan's animations you can make that impact in a modern way, that will work on even the smallest devices.