Ad Einstein™ Ad Builder

(Ad Einstein) How does Lightning Leads & Instant Info work?

Here's a video demonstration that shows how our Lightning Leads and Instant Info technology works: Video Demo:

(Ad Einstein) How can I collect credit card orders inside my ad?

Here's a video tutorial that explains how to close sales and collect credit card orders right inside your ad: Video Demo:

(Ad Einstein) How do I add animations to my ad?

Here's a video tutorial that demonstrates how to insert animations into your ads: Video Demo:

(Ad Einstein) How do I insert video in my ad?

For a short video tutorial watch here: To add a video to your ad, from the Ad Builder "Canvas" do the following: * Click "Video" from the left sidebar * Click "Add Video" icon * Name the video element, click "Done" * Double Click on the "Upload a Video" box * Click "Browse" and select the video you want to upload (acceptable formats: .mp4, .mov, .flv, .api) * Wait until video is uploaded and converted (may take a few minutes) * Click "Save"

(Ad Einstein) How do I set up a campaign?

In Ad Einstein a "Campaign" is where you tell the system what ad you want to run, where and with what budget. This video walks you through the campaign set-up process:

(Ad Builder) Create an ad using a template

*** Video Demonstration of Creating an Ad Using a Template: ---- To create an ad using a pre-designed template follow these steps: * Click the Templates Icon from within the Ad Builder * Click the desired template format from the gallery, which will load the template onto desktop/tablet canvas for you. * Replace the template elements (text, images, video etc.) with your content. * Open Mobile Canvas (each ad must be created in two sizes: Desktop/Tablet ...

(Ad Builder) Create an ad using a PDF

***Video Demonstration of Creating an Ad Using a PDF: --------------- Probably the quickest and easiest way to create an ad in Ad Einstein is to upload a PDF of an existing ad. IMPORTANT: You need to have your PDF's created in the propers sizes for the two ad sizes you will need to create: Desktop/Tablet & Mobile. Ad specifications can be found here: Step #1: From the Ad Manager Click 'Creat...