Setting up ad coupon offer

You can offer advertisers discounts to your regular rates through the use of a coupon. Here's how to set one up:

  • Inside your MagTitan account, click on "Advertise" tab
  • Inside your network click on the settings button (gear icon)
  • Under "Coupon Offers" click "Create an offer" button
  • Select the publication the coupon offer is for
  • Choose whether you want a fixed price or price range offer
    • Fixed Price - You set the price the client must pay
    • Price Range - You set a range and the advertiser selects the specific amount within that range
  • Follow the instructions to set the amount/range and the multiplier (which is the value their investment will be multiplied by.) If you set a 2x multiplier, the clients paid amount will be doubled, essentially giving them a 50% discount.
  • Click "Create Offer" button

To redeem the coupon, the advertiser must...

  • Login to their MagTitan advertiser account
  • Click on "Specials" tab
  • Select the special offer to purchase