If an advertiser is concerned about your audience or circulation

Traditional media buyers often ask publishers about their circulation numbers because it's their way of "handicapping" the likelihood a media buy will work out for them. 

This becomes a non-issue for publishers using MagTitan's built in pay-per-performance ad technology, where advertisers get to set their own budget and only charges advertisers when their ad is verified as viewed (a click or 10+ second ad view). 

Using the MagTitan pay-per-performance approach, publishers can answer the circulation question by explaining it's irrelevance...

"With our advertising model, total circulation is irrelevant as you are only paying on performance. You set your budget (of any amount) and we only charge you when a reader has clicked on your ad, or spent 10 or more seconds reading it. If a reader flips past  your ad without reading it or spending at least 10 seconds on it, you pay nothing. Then, once your budget is used up, we remove your ad and replace it with another paying client."

To make it an even more favorable exchange for the advertiser, the advertiser can stop their campaign at anytime and there is no time limit in which they need to have used up their budget within. Contrast this with the typical monthly publication approach where, if the advertiser doesn't get a return in 30 days, they are out of luck.