Ad Einstein™ Advertising Platform

Do the ads stay in the same location for each reader?

No, the ads coming from Ad Einstein ads are completely dynamic. For each reader session the ads will be randomly displayed, within the display pattern you've set-up for your issue. This is to give all advertisers an equal opportunity at the best positions and to prevent click fraud. If you want an ad to appear in a static location, right now it can't go through Ad Einstein, you'd need to put it in your magazine as an editorial page. It is on our roadmap to ad a feature that will allow you to off...

Do we have a say on the content, type or placement of the ad?

It depends on the license you are using. The free STARTER license gives you very limited control. Here you can move ads around a little bit, but there are restrictions to prevent publishers from putting all the ads on the last few pages. You don't have any say on what ads appear, though we screen every ad to insure that nothing indecent or illegal appears. With our paid PUBLISHER level license you have total control over where the ads appear and if you take any ads at all.

Will the ads coming from Ad Einstein be appropriate for our readers?

Most advertisers have products that benefit from targeting and choose magazines that are representative of the content their prospects would be interested in. It doesn't make sense for them to advertise to people who wouldn't be interested in what they are offering. We screen each ad to make sure that every ad appearing is not indecent or illegal in any way.That said we don't know specifically who will select your publication and how targeted their products will be. If you want to have control o...

What is the "Infinite Pages" Feature?

Ad Einstein's Infinite Pages is a feature that allows an ad to have as many full, interactive pages as you desire. When a reader clicks on a particular element in the ad, it will display another page that corresponds to that selection. Here's a brief video demonstration (3 mins):

Approving an ad that has been designed for you

Once you've received notice that your ad is ready for review, here are the steps to follow: * Login to your account ( * Inside the'Ad Manager'click on'Edit'for the ad you are reviewing * Click the green'Go to Ad Builder' button to bring you to your desktop/tablet ad canvas * At the top of the page click the 'Preview'button. Review the desktop/tablet ad page(s) (copy, design, links etc.) * On the left side click'Open Mobile Canvas'button.Review the m...