How do I charge for subscriptions using MagTitan?

To be able to charge a subscription fee you need to put a paywall between the issue and your customers. 
To do this all you need from us is the issue's "embed code" which will allow you to embed your magazine on any webpage you want. To access this do the following:
  • Go to "Magazine Center"
  • Select "Issue Library"
  • Click the green "Assembly" button
  • Click "Step #4: Share" (see image below)
  • Copy the "Issue Embed Code" (see image below)
  • Paste this inside the HTML for the webpage you want the issue to be located on
Once this is done you just need to limit access to this page to your paid subscribers. We'd first recommend using whatever application you've been using. If that can't work for whatever reason, then you'll just want to purchase website membership software/plugin that will work on whatever web platform you use (like wordpress) and direct subscribers to go through it before redirecting them to the page with the embedded issue.