Setting up ad coupon offer

You can offer advertisers discounts to your regular rates through the use of a coupon. Here's how to set one up: * Inside your MagTitan account, click on "Advertise" tab * Inside your network click on the settings button (gear icon) * Under "Coupon Offers" click "Create an offer" button * Select the publication the coupon offer is for * Choose whether you want a fixed price or price range offer * Fixed Price - You set the price the client must pay * Price Range - You set a ra...

Prospecting for Advertiser Leads

Here is a process that is effective at efficiently building a qualified database of advertiser prospects. You will need the following tools: * A account * * * Google Docs or Microsoft Excel STEP #1: Create a List of Product/Service Categories of Prospective advertisers. So if you were launching a publication for baseball players, categories would be things like: * Bat manufacturers * Glove manufacturers * Sporting good retailers *...

Can an advertiser change their mind on their ad purchase after they've received some verified views?

There are 2 ways to purchase ads for magazine's using MagTitan: 1) The standard pay-as-you-go model.Here the advertiser creates a campaign, sets their budget and can start/stop whenever she chooses. The advertiser is billed after the verified views have occurred. 2) Pre-pay via coupon, like a Charter Advertiser Program.Here the advertiser pre-pays in exchange for a special benefit (i.e. bonus advertising.) Pre-purchased ads have a no return/cancellation policy. If an advertiser is concerned a...

Ad insertion methods - The two ways an ad can get into a publication

There are two ways for an advertisement to get into a MagTitan publication: 1. Through an advertisers MagTitan or Ad Einstein account (pay-on-performance ads). These ads and their campaigns are managed by the advertiser and are charged whenever the ad is either clicked on or viewed for 10+ seconds (what we call a "Verified View"). 2. As an "editorial" page. These ads are inserted through the MagTitan Builder along with all the other editorial for the magazine. Like editorial pages, these ad pag...

Ad sizes

Ads in MagTitan are all full page units. They may included multiple pages using ourInfinite Pages ( as well as animations. Ad specifications can be found here:

Where can I find my advertising coupon code?

If you've purchased an ad program through a publisher's Charter Program, you will receive a coupon code that will need to be entered in your campaign in order to have the funds credited into your account. There are two places to find this code: 1) In the confirmation email that was sent to you upon purchase; or 2) In the Purchases" section of your "My Account" tab. It's the code highlighted in yellow below:

Setting up an ad campaign in MagTitan

Setting up an advertising campaign in MagTitan is simple, here are the steps: * Login to your Magtitan advertising account at * Click on "Campaigns Center" * Click "+Add New Campaign" button * Follow the wizard that includes: * Naming your campaign * Selecting your ad * Selecting your magazine(s) to advertise in * Setting your budget

Linking from editorial to an ad

Q. Is it possible to link from an editorial directly to an advertisement, both of which are inside my publication? A. Yes. Here's how to do it now (and in the future, once a new feature is added.) You can link from any editorial page in your magazine to another, using what MagTitan calls "Navigational" links. You access them from the link menu for the element you want to link from, specifying the article and page you want to link to. This requires the ad page to either be an edito...

How many MagTitan advertising pages will be included in my magazine?

Different MagTitan license levels include different amounts of MagTitan ads required to be included. This chart illustrates: The MagTitan pay-per-performance ads that will appear include both those sold buy the publisher and by MagTitan. Here's the calculation to understand how many MagTitan ads will appear (if ads not sold, the amount of ads can be fewer than the percentage listed above.) Calculating # of MagTitan Ad Pages Inserted 1) Take the number of pages of the issue after ...

The Charter Advertising Program App - Explanation & Instructions

MagTitan comes with a built in application that allows publishers to create a Charter Advertiser Special Offer for advertisers that pre-pay for their ads. This video is an overview of the Charter Advertiser Program: This video is a tutorial that shows you how to set up your own Charter Advertiser Program: This is an online calculator that helps you price your charter program:

If an advertiser is concerned about your audience or circulation

Traditional media buyers often ask publishers about their circulation numbers because it's their way of "handicapping" the likelihood a media buy will work out for them. This becomes a non-issue for publishers using MagTitan's built in pay-per-performance ad technology, where advertisers get to set their own budget and only charges advertisers when their ad is verified as viewed (a click or 10+ second ad view). Using the MagTitan pay-per-performance approach, publishers can answer the circulati...

How can I see my billing history?

To view the history of what your account has been billed, follow these steps: * Go to My Account section of MagTitan * Click on either "Verified Views Invoices" or "Purchases" (for all non-verified view items)

What are the Advertising Rates?

All ads are on a Pay-Per-Verified-View basis with the price being set by the publisher of each magazine. You can see the rates next to the magazine in the "Campaigns" section. If your ad is not "viewed," there is no charge. A "Verified View" occurs when either: * A reader spends a minimum of (10) ten seconds on your ad; or * A reader clicks on your ad. All advertisers set their own budget (in the "Campaigns" section) and may start/stop whenever they choose.

Why Do I Need to Create Two Size Ads?

Instead of using a "one size fits all" approach like most publishers, where a big page is just shrunk down and crammed onto a small device, the MagTitan software "morphs" the pages to optimally fit the device, browser and screen resolution of the user. By providing us with two size ads, one for desktop & tablet devices and one for mobile phones, an ad will be automatically optimized for the individual reader.

Why did you decide on 10 seconds for the verified view trigger?

It's a metric we decided on to try and find a fair middle ground between publisher and advertiser. The publisher's job, and only thing they control, is to get a prospects to come across an ad. Whether they read that ad or flip past it has to do with the advertisers ad, reputation, product etc. One thing we know is that 10 seconds is an eternity online, especially on mobile (count it out, you'll see). Since we only offer full page ads and only one page is visible at a time, we like to say that if...

What is an example of a bad ad?

There really no such thing on the MagTitan platform. If an ad is "terrible" and no one clicks on it, then the advertiser pays $0. They don't get any results, but they are not hurt financially.

What is a "Verified View"

With MagTitan's pay-per-performance advertising technology, advertisers are only charged when an ad is actually read, or what we call a "verified view." A "Verified View" occurs when either: * A reader spends a minimum of (10) ten seconds on an ad; or * A reader clicks on an ad. If a reader spends less than ten seconds on an ad, or doesn't interact with it by clicking some element (link, video, form etc.) there isnocharge.

What is the difference between a MagTitan "Free" and "Premium" network?

To use MagTitan's advertising technology publishers must create either a Free or Premium "network" inside the Advertising Center that contains one or more magazines(s). The main difference between a Free and Premium network is branding exclusivity. Publishers using a Free Network will have their magazines listed alongside other magazines using the MagTitan platform. Those using a Premium Network will have their magazines being the only ones visable and available for an advertiser to select. ...

What are MagTitan "Networks"?

MagTitan Networks is the mechanism that allows publishers to use MagTitan's built-in pay-per-performance ad technology. Networks are created and managed within a publishers MagTitan Advertising Center. A network allows a publisher to promote one or more publications to ad buyers and sell ads across multiple publications at the same time. MagTitan Networks include the following features: * Professionally designed sales website * Ability to set your own rates, between $0.20 - $20.00 for a veri...

How does MagTitan prevent advertising fraud?

Because of how rapant fraud is within the digital advertising industry, we have paid a great deal of attention to minimizing it within the MagTitan platform. Our efforts include the following: 1) Removing the Incentive for Fraud. A large percentage of fraud occurs because the perpetrators are able to earn money from their fraudulent activities. This typically occurs when fraudsters set up websites, include links for programmatic banner ads from companies like Google, and then program bots (no...