How do you get the contacts from the search engines and does this violate their terms of service?

Everything Digital Direct does with building our client databases is always 100% compliant with any 3rd party services we may use. When it comes to search engine contacts a few points:

  • We get the contact information from our database, not that of the search engine
  • The search engine's we use have an open API
  • The search engine API's we use allow for custom search

We are uniquely able to do what we do because of our big data repository. This allows us to be compliant with search engine terms of service (TOS) by taking the information they make available and matching it to data on a contact we already have within our repository.

Specifically for search engine listening, our data repository includes tracking data on the user prior to their search. This tracking data does not have anything to do with the search engine or their API. The API has nothing to do with the tracking of the users search and falls on the TOS of the technology partners for the use of the application.