Linking from editorial to an ad

Q. Is it possible to link from an editorial directly to an advertisement, both of which are inside my publication?
A. Yes. Here's how to do it now (and in the future, once a new feature is added.)
You can link from any editorial page in your magazine to another, using what MagTitan calls "Navigational" links. You access them from the link menu for the element you want to link from, specifying the article and page you want to link to.
This requires the ad page to either be an editorial page (aka, not rotating through the MagTitan pay-per-verified-view ad platform) as ads in the pay-on-performance platform rotate through the issue, changing their location for each reader session. In Oct/Nov 2016 MagTitan will be adding a premium placement feature for pay-on-performance ads, that will leave those ads in a static position, while still charging the advertiser for each verified view. Once this is live, you will be able to link to those ads from editorial as well.