How do I get analytics for my magazine's ads through Google Analytics

When you run ads as editorial pages (not through our Ad Einstein service) you can get performance metrics via Google Analytics, which is embedded on every page automatically.

1) Login to Google Analytics --> Under your magazine click "All Website Date"

Inline image 2

2) Set your date range (upper right hand corner)

3) (Left Sidebar Selects) Behavior --> Site Content --> All Pages

4) (Center of Page) Under "Primary Dimension" --> Page Title (this lists all individual pages in the issue)

5) Under Secondary Dimension select "Users" --> "Device Category"

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6) Search on the Advertiser 

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Each ad has results broken down by 3 device categories (desktop, tablet, mobile). These must be added together to give the advertiser their total viewership results.

Important Note: Ads that are located inside a story (not between stories) are often only identifiable by the story title and page number. To accurately get these results follow these steps:

a) Get the proper story title by looking at the caption in the TOC....NOT the copy on the actual page. (In the example below the proper name for Google Analytics is "SCB Exclusive Interview", not "Putting the Brakes on Fast Fashion")

Inline image 5

b) Go into the story on the desktop/tablet edition (their pages are the same, mobile is different) and make a note what page the ad is located on. (In this example, it's located on page 3 of the desktop/tablet edtion)

Inline image 6

c) Go into the story on a mobile device and note the page where it appears there. (This ad appears on page 4 of the mobile edition)

Inline image 7

d) Look up the story in Google Analytics Using Search Bar

Inline image 8

e) Find the page entries for the ad on desktop, tablet and mobile (in this example there were no views on the ad from readers on tablets so we would just add page 3 desktop and page 4 mobile results together)

f) Add the results together to get the total metrics for the ad within your selected date range.