Working with editorial contributors

It's amazing the quality of editorial you can get submitted for free, when you offer contributors an "About the Author" page in their story. Contributors love the idea of being able to promote themselves, their website, social media accounts and products, while being seen as a thought leader, which editorial contributors often are.

Here's a template of a letter we've used for working with our editorial contributors you may find helpful. Feel free to customize as you see fit...

Hi __,

Looking forward to getting your contribution for __ magazine. We're planning on receiving your submission, with the working title of something like: __ -- by __

How you approach the topic is up to you. We'll defer to your expertise on these matters. However, as guidelines, please take a look at the following points:

Regardless of the topic or angle that you decide to take, keep one overriding fact in mind: any feature story you write for us must impart detailed, actionable "how to" information that will help people achieve a desired result. All of our feature stories must bring their topics back down to earth in this manner. Real world "practicality" is a key part of our editorial mission.

  • Stories must be submitted in Microsoft Word. As for word lengths, a column length story should be about 500-700 words; a feature story, 1,000-1,800 words. If your story is a video column/feature it should be between 3-15 minutes.

  • At the end of the article, the bylined author will receive an “About the Author” page for thought leadership marketing and personal branding purposes. Keep this in mind when submitting copy that’s between 100-150 words in length, with hyperlinks to any destination you choose (book on Amazon, business or personal website, social media, etc.).

  • Additionally, for the About the Author page we'll need a head shot photo in color, 400 x 400 in jpg or png format. If the article is written by more than one author, please include text and images for (2) two About the Author pages.

  • We also appreciate accompanying artwork, which can include screenshots, photos, video clips, podcasts, etc. (Our magazines are digital; our features will be punctuated with hyperlinks throughout the copy.)

  • The “About the Author” bio and head shot should be submitted at the same time as the feature story, as part of a single email message to me at: ___. We prefer to receive materials all at once, not incrementally.

  • All other artwork is welcome, but not required. We have our own substantial resources for artwork. If you do submit artwork for consideration, it should be in JPEG format.

  • Rich media” (video, audio, etc.) embedded within your article or sent as separate complementary attachments also are welcome, but not mandatory. Video should be in a widely accepted format (MPEG, MOV, etc.) YouTube videos are acceptable, but original video files are preferred.

  • Feel free to contact me after you’ve submitted your article, but after submission, there’s no requirement (nor need) to follow up. By submitting your content to us you're agreeing to give ___ the right to edit the content for grammar and style (rest assured, your article is in very good hands with us) and publish it through any/all of our digital publications/websites.

  • Eventual publication in the respective magazine can take up to eight weeks and sometimes more; you will be notified when the magazine your story is in is published. If we encounter a problem or have a question during the editing or design of your article, we’ll contact you.

  • Once your article is published, you have full rights to use and share it, without limit, to anyone you wish.

I want to emphasize one important point: I am here for you, as a continual resource and am very easy to reach. As you're crafting your feature, please feel free to call or email me, at any time, for additional assistance and guidance. My contact information is:




I look forward to reviewing your contribution! I'm sure you'll prove a valuable asset to our publication and team.

Best regards,