What is the difference between a MagTitan "Free" and "Premium" network?

To use MagTitan's advertising technology publishers must create either a Free or Premium "network" inside the Advertising Center that contains one or more magazines(s). 
The main difference between a Free and Premium network is branding exclusivity. Publishers using a Free Network will have their magazines listed alongside other magazines using the MagTitan platform. Those using a Premium Network will have their magazines being the only ones visable and available for an advertiser to select. 
Premium Network View:
This is an example of a Premium Network (Named Of Eleven Media) that has 4 publications in it. 
Free Network View:
This is a view of a the Free Network for Crushing It magazine. Here you can see the tab for Ad Einstein (MagTitan's advertising network). By default the publisher's network is shown and the advertiser can see the other magazines available by clicking on the Ad Einstein tab.
Premium Network Criteria & Conversion. There is only one criteria to receive a Premium Network -- all issues (current and back) must be on a paid license. If publications within the network have used a free MagTitan license, the network will be limited to a co-branded Free Network.  It is possible to switch from a Free to Premium Network at any time by upgrading all free licenses used in the network, to paid licenses.