The Data Mine

How to find a prospects opt-in information

Popular ways to "mine" the Data Mine

With hundreds of millions of contacts in the Data Mine (and millions more being added every week) it's important to know the different ways you can "mine" the Data Mine to find the right prospects for your business. Here are some of the most popular ways: - By Feed. Each week we have over 50 categories of new contact data flowing into The Data Mine, that we call "feeds," which range from B2B to CBD to Fitness. Here's a complete list of feeds (

How do I stay spam compliant?

To stay spam compliant in the U.S. you need to follow the FTC guidelines detailed on this page:

Building industry specific lists with NAICS or SIC codes

NAICS & SIC are industry classification codes that allow you to find contacts who are part of a specific industry. The Data Mine allows for searching of contacts based on their NAICS or SIC codes. While not all contacts have these codes associated with their records, it's still a good way to build a list for a specific industry. Here's how to do it: - In the SEARCH BUILDER...Select either "SIC Code" or "NAICS" from the SEARCH FIELD dropdown menu - Enter EQUALS for the Operator ...

How to search using feeds

To Search by Feed - In the Search Builder, select FEED from the Search Field dropdown menu - Then select the feed you want to search in the VALUE field - Click "RUN SAMPLE" Get at Newer Leads in a Feed Leads that flow in from a feed are searchable by the date they were added to the Data Mine. To get at the more recent ones do the following: - Click "ADD SEARCH CRITERIA" and select "DATE ADDED" from the Search Field - Select "AFTER" in the Operator field - Enter the DATE ...

How to change your login password

To change your password, click on the "Security" tab on the left sidebar of your account. From there enter your "Current Password"...and then the "New Password" you'd like to use.

Customizing data output fields

The data for your lists gets displayed and download based on the "Output Columns" that are selected inside the Search Settings area. Here's what you'll see on a new search: You can remove an Output Column by clicking the "x" next to its name in the Output Column box. You can add additional Output Columns by selecting them from the dropdown menu (click the down arrow in the Output Column box). Important Note: If you are using The Data Mine scrub service, it is required to have the Email f...

How search "operators" work & their definitions

In the Search Builder you can query the Data Mine by many different criteria (Ex. Title, Feed, City, Gender etc). Once you've selected a search field, to get at the data you're specifically after, you must tell The Data Mine the specific value of data you're after. Between the search field and value sits the "operator" (also known as search parameter) that narrows the focus of the search. As an example, here's a search for contacts in the state of Pennsylvania (abbreviated PA).... In this exa...

How to validate (scrub) your email database

The Data Mine has the email validation scrub service built in. Each contact going through the scrub service costs 1 credit. The scrub service becomes available to use after you've downloaded a database file. Here's a video the demonstrates how to scrub your database file:

Understanding Data Mine Credits

Contact downloads and email validation "scrubs" are purchased using a "Credit" system. Each account credit can be used for either a prospect download or an email validation scrub, as you choose. They're fully interchangeable. When a monthly subscription is purchased you will receive credits for both: 1) Contact Downloads; and 2) Contact Email Validation Scrubs. As an example an account with a monthly subscription of level of "50,000" receives 50,000 credits. 25,000 to be used for contact dow...

Understanding the Data Mine Settings

1) Search Name. Each search can be saved so you can perform it again without additional set-up. Give your search a name that is descriptive so it will be easy to identify in the future when you have many saved searches. 2) Total. This is the total number of contacts you would like for this search. 3) Offset. This is the record number the search will begin with to avoid returning the same records as a previous search. Example. If you searched for 1,000 "CEO's" and now you'd like another batch....

Data Mine Feeds

Here's the listing of the feeds of leads continually flowing into The Data Mine. You can search by any of these opt-in feeds: - Accredited Investors - Filled out form certifying they are accredited investors - AT&T - AT&T phone clients - AU - Australian contacts - Auto Insurance - Expressed interest in purchasing auto insurance - B2B - Business executives - Bankruptcy - Researching bankruptcy on - Bike - Opted-in via online bicycle seller - Biz - Business executives ...

How to Search the Data Mine

Video tour and tutorial of how to search the Data Mine: