Ad Einstein™ Advertising

How does Ad Einstein prevent fraud?

Because of how rapant fraud is within the digital advertising industry, we have paid a great deal of attention to minimizing it within the Ad Einstein platform. Our efforts include the following: 1) Removing the Incentive for Fraud.A large percentage of fraud occurs because the perpetrators are able to earn money from their fraudulent activities. This typically occurs when fraudsters set up websites, include links for programmatic banner ads from companies like Google, and then program bots (not...

What is an example of a bad ad?

There really no such thing on our platform. If an ad is "terrible" and no one clicks on it, then the advertiser pays $0. They don't get any results, but they are not hurt financially.

Why did you decide on 10 seconds for the verified view trigger?

It's a metric we decided on to try and find a fair middle ground between publisher and advertiser. The publisher's job, and only thing they control, is to get a prospects to come across an ad. Whether they read that ad or flip past it has to do with the advertisers ad, reputation, product etc. One thing we know is that 10 seconds is an eternity online, especially on mobile (count it out, you'll see). Since we only offer full page ads and only one page is visible at a time, we like to say that if...

Steps to Having Your Ad Designed For You

Once you've purchased your custom ad creation, follow these steps so our designers can create your ad: (If you haven't purchase your custom ad creation, go to: STEP #1: Log-in to Your Ad Einstein Account ( If you haven't set-up your account, go (

Why Do I Need to Create Two Size Ads?

Instead of using a "one size fits all" approach like most publishers, where a big page is just shrunk down and crammed onto a small device, our software "morphs" the pages to optimally fit the device. By providing us with two size ads, one for desktop & tablet devices and one for mobile phones, your ad will be automatically optimized for whatever size device the reader is consuming the magazine content on.

What is a Verified View?

With Ad Einstein you are only charged when your ad is actually read, or what we call a "verified view." A "Verified View" occurs when either: * A reader spends a minimum of (10) ten seconds on your ad; or * A reader clicks on your ad. If a reader spends less than ten seconds on your ad, or doesn't interact with it by clicking some element (link, video, form etc.) there is nocharge.

What are Advertising Rates?

All ads are on a Pay-Per-Verified-View basis with the price being set by the publisher of each magazine. You can see the rates next to the magazine in your "Campaigns" section. If your ad is not "viewed," there is no charge. A "Verified View" occurs when either: * A reader spends a minimum of (10) ten seconds on your ad; or * A reader clicks on your ad. All advertisers set their own budget (in the "Campaigns" section) and may start/stop whenever they choose.

Advertising Specifications