How are you able to provide data on prospects without violating privacy or terms of service of social media companies?

We are uniquely able to do what we do, solely because of our big data repository. It is this repository that allows us to be compliant with social media company's Terms of Service/Privacy policies, as we are only using information they make publicly available via their API's. We take these small pieces of publicly available data and, through our software, match (not scrape or decode) it against contact data we already have within our repository.

With search engine listening our data repository includes tracking data on the user prior to their search. This, combined with the specific pieces of data that they do make available via their API (i.e. Search ID, Social ID, Contact ID, MD5 Hash) allow us to do a real-time contact match against our database. Today we are able to match to a contact, where we have both their email and opt-in permission, roughly 65% of the time.