Why Digital Direct doesn't allow repeat email content

In our effort to help our clients get the best possible results and optimize email deliverability of the Digital Direct network, we do not allow users to send repeat emails over and over again.

Note: The exception to this rule is those using our automated campaign sequences with Hot Search Engine Listening. These automated drip sequences do not have to be changed.

The reasons for this policy is that it is critical for inbox delivery. Here's the geeky part....

There are a number of factors that go into where an email gets placed in a recipients email account (or whether it gets delivered at all). One of the most important metrics is what is referred to as "Engagement." Here's a graphic of what an Engagement report looks like:


"Read" = Opened and viewed for 8+ seconds 
"Skim read" = 2 or more seconds, but less than 8 seconds 
"Glanced/Deleted" = Less than 2 seconds

As an oversimplification, for emails to get inbox delivery (not sent to spam) you need to have 60%+ in the "Read" category. If you're lower than 40% "Read" your emails will be blocked. This is why email campaigns with low content value do so poorly.

Why No Repeat Story Content in Emails? Because spammers typically don't create regular new/unique content, spam filters use a tech process called "Fingerprinting" to identify repeat content that is likely to be spam. Sections of the emails you send (header, footer, time stamp, subject line, body text, images, URLs etc.) are compared against email content previously sent in the email ecosystem and, content the algorithm deems as repeat, gets flagged as spam. 

Now, this doesn't mean that your email has to be 100% different each time, either. For example, if the header and ad were the same, but other images, text and subject were different, it is highly likely this would pass through our compliance test.

Our rationale for this policy isn't to make your life difficult, but rather make your campaigns yield even better results. Email marketing is a constantly changing field and to be successful it's critical to stay on top of these changes. We are committed to staying current and modifying our practices as needed, so Digital Direct campaigns continue to perform well within this ecosystem.