Posting a new story to


All Digital Direct clients have the ability to get a free editorial contributor account to, allowing you to post content that you can link to from your email campaigns. Once you have your editorial contributor account set-up, here's how to post a new story (contact your account manager or support if you need to get your account set-up):

1) Login to your contributor account at:

2) Click "Posts" on the left sidebar....and the "Add New"

3) Put the name of your story in the box where it says "Enter title here"....then put the content of your story in the box below.

4) (Optional) Set the image to be featured with your post by clicking the "Set featured image" link under the Featured Image header on the bottom of the right side column.

5) (Optional) Advertisement. If you'd like to have a banner ad appear adjacent to your post, add it by going to the Custom Ad section (in the center) and clicking the "Add Image" button. The width must be 728 px, though the height can be anything you desire. Enter the URL you'd like those that click to be redirected to in the "Link URL" box.

6) Check the box of the story category/subcategory. If there isn't one that is close, please contact your account manager or support to have this added for you.

7) Preview your story & Publish. In the right sidebar click the preview button to see how your story displays. When you're satisfied, click "Publish". Be sure to "Save Draft" so you don't lose your work. 

8) Get your story link to use in your emails after your story is live by copying the Permalink URL under the story title.