Prospecting for Advertiser Leads

Here is a process that is effective at efficiently building a qualified database of advertiser prospects. You will need the following tools:

  • A account
  • Google Docs or Microsoft Excel

STEP #1: Create a List of Product/Service Categories of Prospective advertisers. So if you were launching a publication for baseball players, categories would be things like:

  • Bat manufacturers
  • Glove manufacturers
  • Sporting good retailers
  • Books on baseball

STEP #2: Search Related Keywords on is a service that shows advertisers who run pay-per-click ads on the search engines for various keywords. Here's an example of a search on the keyword "baseball bats." The results show advertisers who are paying to have their ads appear on search engines when people type that phrase in.


From this list you want to copy the website addresses (URL) and paste them into your spreadsheet like this:


STEP #3: Sign-Up for a Free Trial with This is a service that will give you email addresses of people you find at prospect companies. They offer your first 50 emails for free, after that you'll need to get a paid plan, which are pretty reasonable.

Once you have this set-up, download their extension for use with the Google Chrome browser. This is necessary for the next step.

STEP #4: Research Marketing Contacts on Go to linkedin and type in the URL in the search bar from your spreadsheet. The objective is to find the decision maker for advertising purchases. At larger companies this will be a title like: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), VP Marketing, Director of Marketing. At smaller companies this might be: CEO, Founder or President.

Tip 1: Sometimes the URL won't pull up results, so change it to the company name.

Tip 2: If you have a lot of results, you can narrow down the list by selecting "Current Company" on the left side. Also, in the search area you can add "marketing" after company name so that you narrow down the results to those that are marketing contacts.

When you find the right contact, click the green envelope box (this is the plugin). This will search their database and load their email into your account if it's available.


STEP #5: Download Your Database from

Click the Download CSV file from and you will get a spreadsheet with full contact information.