Magazine readership analytics

All editorial pages are tracked and measured by Google Analytics. There are two ways to access this data: 1) Inside Your MagTitan Account; or 2) Inside Google Analytics.
MagTitan pulls the most relevant basic data from Google Analytics so it can be viewed while you are inside your account. Here's how to access:
1) Login to your MagTitan account at
2) Go to your Magazine Center
3) Click on the Analytics button for the magazine data you want to review
4)  Edit the dates to give you the analytics you desire
Going to Google Analytics Directly Offers Much Greater Data.
We've opted to keep MagTitan simple to use, however sometimes you'll want to view much greater breadth and depth of data that Google Analytics offers. For these cases you'll want to login directly to your own Google Analytics account. 
Every gmail address you provided during set-up will have access to your magazine's Google Analytics data. To access login to Google Analytics --> Under your magazine click "All Website Data"