Email Address Options When Sending from the Hot Listening Network

Our "Hot Listening Network" is configured to get the largest percentage of emails delivered to the recipients "Primary" inbox. When using this network, you have 3 options on the email address it can come from, they are:

Option #1: Send Directly From an Individual at Your Company Email Address (ex.

When we send from your email, it will actually go out through your email servers. If there are any limitations to volume, speed etc., we'll be subject to these. Most importantly is the spam issue. While we don't get many spam complaints, these complaints would come to you and you run the risk of being blacklisted if you do anything inappropriate or non-compliant. If you go this route, we'll need the following information to set up your sending account: 

  • Email Address:
  • Host Server
  • Port
  • Password

Option #2: Use Our Servers to Send From Your Company Email Address (ex.

Since we have the opt-ins for all contacts, sending through our servers allows us to respond and handle any deliverability/spam issues that arise.To use your email, but send through our servers we'll need to set you up a DNS for you (approx $150 but ask for current rates).

Option #3: Use One of Our Email Addresses

We can use an email for you our domain -- -- that will go through our servers and has no additional cost. 

Important: We don't allow the use of general mailboxes (info@, admin@, support@) as these bring down deliverability.