How many MagTitan advertising pages will be included in my magazine?

Different MagTitan license levels include different amounts of MagTitan ads required to be included. This chart illustrates:
The MagTitan pay-per-performance ads that will appear include both those sold buy the publisher and by MagTitan. Here's the calculation to understand how many MagTitan ads will appear (if ads not sold, the amount of ads can be fewer than the percentage listed above.)
Calculating # of MagTitan Ad Pages Inserted
1) Take the number of pages of the issue after design in MagTitan 
2) Divide by 100% minus % of Ad Pages Required (this gives you the total pages in your edition, including MagTitan ads)
3) Subtract the total pages in your edition (gives you total MagTitan ad pages to be included)
Example: Starter License w/100 original issue pages (in desktop/tablet version of MagTitan)
100 original issue pages / 80%  (100% - 20%) = 125 total pages
125 total pages - 100 original issue pages = 25 MagTitan ad pages 
25 MagTitan ad pages / 125 total pages = 20% inserted ad pages
Note: The number of ad pages inserted will vary between desktop/tablet and mobile editions of a magazine as there are typically different page counts for each of these issues.