MagTitan Digital Advertising Guidelines

Adding forms to your pages

The MagTitan Form Builder allows you to add data forms to any of your pages. Here's how: 1) Inside the MagTitan Builder, click on "Add New Elements" button on the right side 2) Click on the "Form" Icon, which will load your first field onto your canvas 3) Click on the field to access the settings panel on the right sidebar. This is where you create/customize your form. 4) Click on the "Form Settings" button. This is where you can add and customize your fields. 5) To retrieve the d...

MagTitan Specifications

MagTitan documents get published in two sizes: Desktop/Tablet & Mobile Here are the dimensions for each: * Desktop/Tablet: 690 px (wide) x 892 px (tall) * Mobile: 320 px (wide) x 430 px (tall) Recommended Font Size Minimums Because MagTitan content dynamically "morphs" to fit the device/browser it's being read on, the size of your pages will be both bigger and smaller than what you design. To make sure it is always large enough to be read, minimum recommended font sizes are: * ...

Can you print from MagTitan?

MagTitan does not have a printing function. Typically people want to print from digital docs because they're not easy to be read from their devices, that's not the case with MagTitan documents, which are built to be able to be easily read on any device. If you did want to have that functionality you'd need to take pictures of each page and put it into a PDF and then give people the PDF to print.

Getting the data from your forms

Here are the steps to access the data from any forms you've created inside your MagTitan documents. Once you are logged into your account, do the following: 1) Click on the My Projects Tab 2) Click on "Forms" for the specific project you're interested in 3) Access and download your form data

Customizing the MagTitan Menu Bar

Most aspects of the MagTitan menu bar are completely customizable. If you'd like to make edits to the default menu, here are the steps to take: Inside your account under MY PROJECTS, click on SETTINGS for the project you'd like to customize the menu bar for: Look for the Custom View Menu Box and "check" the box: This will display the customize screen where you can make edits: * Any menu tile you don't want, just click the "trashcan" icon. This will move it to the "Available Tiles" ...

MagTitan and Native Ads

MagTitan is likely the world's best platform for native advertising. This video explains why:

Can MagTitan issues be viewed on Amazon Kindles?

Yes. Kindles have a built in web browser that allows their users to access the Internet. This makes MagTitan publications readable on Kindles, without requiring readers to do anything special.

Working with editorial contributors

It's amazing the quality of editorial you can get submitted for free, when you offer contributors an "About the Author" page in their story. Contributors love the idea of being able to promote themselves, their website, social media accounts and products, while being seen as a thought leader, which editorial contributors often are. Here's a template of a letter we've used for working with our editorial contributors you may find helpful. Feel free to customize as you see fit... Hi __, Looking...

Offline Viewing

Similar to an app, MagTitan issues are available for offline viewing, once they've been fully loaded into the device's web browser. When an issue is accessed, MagTitan begins loading all of the issues pages into memory. We make the issue available to the reader after a handful of pages are downloaded, but in the background MagTitan continues to download the rest of the publication. Once all pages are loaded, the issue is viewable even when the Interenet connection goes offline. This feature is...

Getting content for my publication

Getting the content you need for your publication is easier than you might think. In lieu of creating editorial from scratch, there are a number resources on the web that allow you to get quality content to use in your publication. Here are a couple services that allow you to search and republish pre-written articles: * ( * ( Here are sites that allow you to cost effectively hire writers to c...

Hiring and paying a sales representative

To find and hire an ad sales representative we recommend looking for an experienced media sales person, not a person well versed in your industry. It's easier for a media sales rep to learn a market than it is for a person to learn media ad sales. Hiring commission based advertising sales representatives is often a key part of a magazines sales strategy. Below are a number of resources to help you find the right sales reps for your publication: FINDING A QUALIFIED SALES REPRESENTATIVE ...

Magazine readership analytics

All editorial pages are tracked and measured by Google Analytics. There are two ways to access this data: 1) Inside Your MagTitan Account; or 2) Inside Google Analytics. MagTitan pulls the most relevant basic data from Google Analytics so it can be viewed while you are inside your account. Here's how to access: 1) Login to your MagTitan account at 2) Go to your Magazine Center 3) Click on the Analytics button for the magazine data you want to review ...

How to purchase the MagTitan White Label option

To order MagTitan White Label, follow these instructions: * Login to your MagTitan account at * Click on your Magazine Center * Click on White Label Options link on the desired magazine tile * On the White Label Status area click on the available option you wish to review/purchase * Follow the on screen instructions

MagTitan White Label Program

To give publishers greater control of the user experience, and special sponsorship opportunities, MagTitan offers an optional White Label program that allows users to replace MagTitan branding with their own in a number of locations. The controls to create customize your users experience can be accessed from the White Label button inside your Magazine Center: Inside the White Label area you will see a page that looks like this: Here's what each element controls: The L...

License pricing and explanation

Any publication using MagTitan requires a license to go live and be distributed publicly. There are 3 license options for you to choose from. Here's a quick summary.... MagTitan has 3 different licenses (Starter, Pro & Publisher), with each differing in only a few significant ways: * Price * Required MagTitan Ads * Revenue Share on Ads * Animated Design of the Issue The Starter License is free to use. Since we don't make money from the license, we require some MagTitan ads to...

Changing the name of a magazine

Once a magazine has been approved, published in the system, the name and url cannot be changed automatically. However, if you submit a support ticket and provide us with correct name and subdomain name, we can adjust it from our end manually. If the magazine is still in the setup step, it is fully editable.

Publisher commission payments

Publishers receive commission payments on a monthly basiswhen ad commissionincomeis above $50. Balances below $50 will be held until the threshold is reached. Commissions are calculated based on the MagTitan license being used at the time of the ad purchase. Payments are issued onthe 15thof the month following when thesaleswere recorded. To protect all parties from credit card charge backs, MagTitan places 10% of all publishersalesincomeinto areserveaccount for a period of 60 days. At the e...

Can MagTitan be used for newspapers or other type of digital content?

Yes, absolutely! We've come to understand that in the digital world the difference between one type of document and another is one of design style and frequency more than anything else. From the software's perspective it's all just content. Design a document it with a lot of pretty pics, it becomes a magazine. Design it with charts and pull quotes and you have a newsletter. Design it with a few pics, but mostly text, you've got a newspaper. Design it with all text and chapters, you've got a ...

Are advertising-centric magazines allowed?

Absolutely. Fromour perspective the MagTitan software is a tool that allows people to displaydigital content in a better, more engaging way. Doesn't matter whether thatcontent is a magazine, book, newsletter, catalog, brochure, annual report,etc....

Setting Up and Customizing Your Publication Website

All MagTitan publications automatically receive a professionally designed website that's available to use once your publication has been submitted and approved. This video explains how to access and customize it for your publication using our easy drag and drop tools. You also get an ad sales webpage that can be linked to your publication website. Here's a tour that shows what you get: Here's a video tutorial that guides you through setting up up your ad sales page:

What is the MagTitan "Dashboard" like?

The MagTitan "Dashboard" contains a significant amount of resources and only requires a person to register in order to access. (Go to ( and click the "Register" button.)

Changing your password

To change your MagTitan account password go to "My Account" on the dashboard: Click on the "Change Password" tab and fill out the fields....Click "Reset" button.

How the Digital Direct Database Service Works

Digital Direct is MagTitan's service that combines our 1 billion+ email database with the affinity data of Facebook & Twitter to help our publishers build highly targeted opt-in subscribers for their publications. Here's a visual overview of how it works: STEP #1: Identify Targeted Facebook & Twitter Pages, Groups & Keywords To build a highly targeted subscriber prospect list, you begin by identifying the social media groups, accounts, pages and keywords that would indicate the indi...

Finding and downloading subscribers

MagTitan has a built in Subscribe function so you can capture email addresses from people who are reading your publication and that aren't already in your database. Here are the instructions to find and download your subscribers: 1) Login to your MagTitan ( account. 2) Click on MY LIBRARY tab 3) Look on the tile for the publication you're interested in and click on the Subscribers button 4) Your subscribers are listed here. To download or print, click...

How do I post my magazine on my website so my website gets credit for the traffic?

You can put any of your MagTitan publications on any website you control through the use of our embed code functionality, which works similar to the embed code for a YouTube video. You can access the embed code directly from the viewer of your published issue. Just click on the "+ More" button: And then copy the HTML code and post to your web page:

Are pages in MagTitan searchable by search engines for SEO purposes?

Even though magazines using the MagTitan software look like an app, it is really just a very sophisticated webpage as all of the output is in HTML5. HTML is the language of the web and search engines, which makes every word on every page in a MagTitan magazine viewable and indexable by the search engines.

The MagTitan "University" (Video Series)

The video series below are a good primer to help you quickly understand the basics of MagTitan. If you're new to MagTitan, we recommend watching them in the order presented. A Tour of MagTitan Explanation of MagTitan's 2 Core Sizes (Desktop/Tablet & Mobile) Adding a Page to an Article Adding an Element to the Design Canvas Designing Pages Using Templates Using 'Running Text' to Quickly Flow Text Converting 'Running Text' Into Regular Text Adding Animations Creating Interactive ...

Changing the magazine viewer logo

The logo that shows when pages are loading in the magazine viewer is customizable. To change logos follow these steps: 1) Inside your MagTitan account click on "Magazine Center" 2) For your magazine click "Edit Settings" 3) At the top of the page click on "#2 Creatives" 4) Click "Change Logo" 5) Click "Upload Image" and use the controls to position your logo within the active area. 6) Click "Finalize Image" button

Why doesn't the page go to the first page of a story when I go to a previous/next story?

The navigation may seem funny when you're just flipping through pages, but makes a lot more sense when you put yourself in an actual readers shoes. Imagine you were really a reader, who was on say page 5 of an 8 page article when you turned the page to the next/previous story (deliberately or inadvertently). If the page was reset to go to the first page of the story, you would be forced to go to the effort of flipping through pages to try and find where you left off and, on a mobile device where...

What analytics are available regarding ad performance?

In the clients Ad Center they will have an analytics section that includes: * # of Ad Displays * # of Verified Views * Verified View % * Average time per reader view * Stats broken down by location the ad ran In time we will be adding even more. Our goal is to make MagTitan the most transparent form of media for the advertisers.

Who creates the ads for advertisers?

You can do it, the MagTitan design team can do it or they advertisers can use the MagTitan Ad Builder to create/upload their own. We charge $199 for building an interactive ad. Here are a few options of how you can work with your advertisers on ads: * Charge them and have your design team create * Charge them $199 and outsource to us * Charge them more than $199, outsource to us and you keep the difference * Offer free design if they buy a certain amount of advertising from you; and then o...

Is the MagTitan pay-per-performance technology used for all ads?

There are two ways to get ads into your issue: 1) Through the MagTitan Ad Center. With MagTitan you get your own branded area for your advertisers to create and place their ads. Here's a video demo of it: ( 2) You can put ads in as editorial pages, that don't go through our pay-per-performance model.

Is there an option to display the magazine as a "spread" rather than just up and down single sheets?

MagTitan only displays a single page at a time, there is no 2 page spread option. This is because 2 page spreads only exist in print. Replicating that in digital doesn't work for a few reasons: 1) Putting two pages on a computer or tablet requires shrinking down the pages to fit. The second you do that, you require the reader to zoom in order to read, destroying what would otherwise be an easy reading experience. 2) On the all important mobile devices, here's how a two page spreads woul...

Would MagTitan be good for books?

**At the core, MagTitan is a better mousetrap for reading content digitally. It doesn't matter of that content is a magazine, book, journal, newsletter etc. Content is content. That said, there are two interesting twists that the software can bring to a book:** **1) Multimedia. Instead of just walls of text, a book using MagTitan could augment the experience using video, audio, animations and interactivity (click something and a hidden page or bonus content appears.)** **2) A better bu...

How can I have my staff preview the issue?

There are two ways to do this: 1) Give them access to your MagTitan account and let them go through the issue; 2) Publish this issue and give them the URL. This makes the issue live, but no one will be able to access it unless they know the URL. You find this on the "Assemble Issue" page:

How do I charge for subscriptions using MagTitan?

To be able to charge a subscription fee you need to put a paywall between the issue and your customers. To do this all you need from us is the issue's "embed code" which will allow you to embed your magazine on any webpage you want. To access this do the following: * Go to "Magazine Center" * Select "Issue Library" * Click the green "Assembly" button * Click "Step #4: Share" (see image below) * Copy the "Issue Embed Code" (see image below) * Paste this inside the HTML for th...

How can I add a home screen "app" icon for a magazine to my phone or tablet?

The first 2x when a magazine is loaded on a phone or tablet, an "add this magazine to your homescreen button" appears. Just click the icon below the button and follow the onscreen instructions. Once completed an "app" button for that magazine will be put on your device. This option only appears the first two times you open the magazine (so we don't annoy you). If you miss those, you will need to clear your browser's data/cache in order to get it to appear again. Note: This function only works w...