Customizing the MagTitan Menu Bar

Most aspects of the MagTitan menu bar are completely customizable. If you'd like to make edits to the default menu, here are the steps to take:

Inside your account under MY PROJECTS, click on SETTINGS for the project you'd like to customize the menu bar for:

Look for the Custom View Menu Box and "check" the box:

This will display the customize screen where you can make edits:

  • Any menu tile you don't want, just click the "trashcan" icon. This will move it to the "Available Tiles" section so you can add back if you choose.
  • You can re-arrange the order of any tile by clicking on the settings (gear) icon.
  • You can change color scheme by clicking in the number area next to a color and selecting a new color from the palette.
  • Remember that the mobile edition has a different menu style that you'll need to customize separately from the Desktop/Tablet menu on the left. 

Make sure you click SAVE! Otherwise your edits won't be made.