Explanation of items needed to set up the automated lead export service

In order to automate the process of exporting your leads from Digital Direct to your CRM service we need some information from your CRM provider in order to configure for you. The items we need are:

  • The Name of Your CRM Service. Examples include: Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Aweber, Salesforce along with many others.
  • CRM Account Login/Username. The login you use to access your CRM account.
  • CRM Account Password. The password you use to access your CRM account.
  • CRM Service API Token/Key. A string of characters that allows us to share our lead contact data with your CRM service
  • Lead List Name. The "list" or "tag" where we will put your leads, so you can easily retrieve/act on.

Securing Your CRM Account.
To set up your Automated Lead Export service without your involvement, our team needs only a few minutes of access to your account. Once we've gone in and completed our work we will notify you. Once done, we recommend changing your password. 

Finding Your API Token.
This is typically the most challenging piece of information to find. Many CRM services will have a help entry with instructions on how to find this. To find these instructions we recommend just going to your services help area and search on "API Key" or "API Token". If that doesn't work, try a google search including your CRM service's name. As a last resort, you may need to call their support. Here are links to instructions from some popular services:

Lead List Name.
In order for you to find the leads we send to you, they need a location within your CRM service to be stored. You can either set this up on your own, or we will do this for you, however we need to know the naming convention you'd like used (Ex. "Digital Direct Leads", "Keyword Leads - Translation Services" etc.)

Some services use "lists" for this purpose, while others, like Infusionsoft, use "tags". All will work fine, we just need to know how to name it. Our team will first look for the list/tag name that you've provided. If it's already been set up, we will configure so the leads get placed in that location. If it is not already set-up, we will set-up for you.