What is the "Friendly From" address and how long should it be?

The Friendly-From name and address are both user-defined names that identify the sender to the subscriber. The Friendly-From name is the name that shows how the sender wants to be identified, and is visible in an email client. The Friendly-From address typically includes the email account name and the company email address.

For example, the Friendly From name and address could read:

(Friendly From name <friendly from address>)

  • Jane Jones <jane@janesco.net>
  • ABC Company <service@abccompany.com>

Overall, effective Friendly-From addresses support brand recognition and may in turn reduce the number of spam complaints your email receives. One of the leading causes of complaints is when the recipient does not recognize the sender.

Ideal Friendly-From name length

The Friendly-From name is truncated by most mailbox providers at 20 to 30 characters. The email client, device, and browser used by the subscriber may influence the number of characters truncated but the difference will only be a few characters.

Shorter, recognizable (meaning, well-branded) Friendly-From lines appear to be better for processing and are quicker to read. You should keep the Friendly-From name length as short as possible, preferably under 20 characters.