What are MagTitan "Networks"?

MagTitan Networks is the mechanism that allows publishers to use MagTitan's built-in pay-per-performance ad technology. Networks are created and managed within a publishers MagTitan Advertising Center.

A network allows a publisher to promote one or more publications to ad buyers and sell ads across multiple publications at the same time. MagTitan Networks include the following features: 
  • Professionally designed sales website
  • Ability to set your own rates, between $0.20 - $20.00 for a verified view (a verified view is the metric that triggers an advertiser to be charged and occurs when a reader either clicks on an ad or spends 10+ seconds on it.)
  • Use and offer MagTitan's Ad Builder to your clients so they can created animated/interactive ads for your publications.
  • Use  MagTitan's Campaigns technology that manages and bills your clients advertising campaigns
  • Utilize the Charter Sponsor Program Wizard that allows you to create a tiered ad sales program where advertisers get varying levels of bonuses base on their amount of advanced purchased ads. 
  • Offer special coupons that allow you to create pre-purchased advertising offers where you advertisers receive bonus ads in return for purchasing advertising in advance.