Thumbnail images in MagTitan Builder aren't displaying

Inside the MagTitan Builder there are thumbnail images used primarily to help you quickly identify the content of a page. Except for the thumbnail image of the first page of a story in the Desktop/Tablet edition (which is used in the Table of Contents menu), whether or not these images display properly is non-essential. If a thumbnail image isn't displaying properly, like in the image below, there is an easy fix. To Fix Broken Thumbnail Image: * Go into the "Builder" for the page where th...

Problems "Activating" Your MagTitan Account

When you register for MagTitan account you are sent an activation email so we can verify the account's email address and make sure we have a working line of communication. You can do everything in your account, except publish an issue publicly, prior to activating your account. Until you have clicked on the activation email you will see this message at the top of your account screen: If you've checked your spam folder and still can't find the activation email click the "please click here" te...

How do I clear cache?

The process for clearing cache varies by device and browser. Doing a google search on "clearing cache on ___ (browser) for ___(device)" will usually turn up the instructions right at the top. Here are some of the most common: iPhone Safari - ( iPad Safari - (