Explanation of Campaign Statistics

Here is an explanation of what the numbers on the statistics mean:

Contacts/Subscribers: The number of people being mailed

Throttled: Those remaining to be sent

Opens/Readers: People who have opened the email (must click "display images" to register)

Clicks/Visitors: People who have clicked a link inside the email

Unsubscribes: Those that have clicked an automated link within the email saying that they no longer wish to receive emails from the sender. (If you're sending text style emails your unsubscribe method will be for the recipient to "reply with Unsubscribe in the subject." Please send these to your account manager for processing.

Bounces: Emails that didn't get delivered 

Spam/Complaints: People who clicked a button in their email, notifying their ISP that they believe an email is spam.

Open %: Percentage of emails sent that have been opened by the recepient

Click %: Percentage of emails opened where the recipient has clicked a link (Note: not all emails have links to click)