Steps to Having Your Ad Designed For You

Once you've purchased your custom ad creation, follow these steps so our designers can create your ad:
(If you haven't purchase your custom ad creation, go to: )

STEP #1: Log-in to Your Ad Einstein Account at: 

If you haven't set-up your account, go to first.

STEP #2: Click "Create New Ad" Button from Ad Manager

Inline image 1

STEP #3: Name Your Ad...and Click "Save" Button

Inline image 2

STEP #4: Click "Go To Ad Builder" Button

Inline image 3

STEP #5: Click "Blank Canvas"

Inline image 4

STEP #6: Click "Save"

Inline image 5

STEP #7: Click "Exit"

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STEP #8: Send the Following:
  • The email address used to create your account
  • The name of the ad you set-up
  • The specific headlines, body copy and graphics you want in your ad
  • Detailed instructions for our designers to be able to deliver the kind of ad you'd like. 
STEP #9: Review Your Ad Proof
Once our designers have drafted your ad, we will send you notice to go into your account to review the ad. You will be instructed where/how to send your desired edits.

STEP #10: Begin Your Campaign
Once your ad is completed (this can be done while your ad is being designed) you will need to go to the "Campaigns" section of Ad Einstein and set-up the magazines and other details related to where your ad is to be published.

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